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alarm monitoring

Alarm Monitoring Systems

At Alpha Smart, our engineers design and implement a system which provides fast alarm transmission between the source of the alarm and the Control Station. The sensor at the remote locations registers an emergency event and sends a signal to the central monitoring station, where the user takes the appropriate measures to counter the security breach. The system control panel is the center of a network of sensors, which may include window or door sensors, motion detectors, tamper sensors, or specialized temperature, flood, and smoke detectors. These could communicate either through wires or wireless to the control panel.
When the system is armed and any of these sensors are triggered, a signal is sent to the control panel immediately and the user is alerted. Critical information is displayed at the alarm control panel, including the type of sensor that has been triggered, the so-called electronic address of the device, the time of activation and so on. The system may be designed to provide automatic alarm response and accordingly the output is activated. Around-the-clock alarm monitoring is an essential feature designed by Alpha Smart. Our engineers have the full capability to put up the most effective, efficient and very economical system for you.