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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance custom designed to your needs!

With video surveillance in place, you can achieve peace of mind about security, and focus on more important parts of your organization or life. At Alpha Smart, we have the experience to provide you the best CCTV electronic surveillance system to suit your needs and expectations. Be it fixed lens camera systems or PTZ based camera systems, our security experts will work with you to provide the right electronic security system for your organization.

By implementing a CCTV Surveillance System, individuals, companies and organizations can instantly reduce the amount of loss they incur due to theft and also reduce human fatigue. Nowadays, several businesses rely on surveillance systems to monitor their shops, stores, employees and clients; the net result is an incredible and dramatic reduction in loss and increase in productivity.

The CCTV Surveillance System enables the following:

  • Live Video display
  • Digital Video Recording
  • Digital Video Storage
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Log Operators' actions, providing full audit trail
  • Control individual cameras through pan/tilt/zoom functions
  • Integrate with other sub-systems

Video Surveillance can thwart theft & vandalism attempts and can make areas that were once unsafe, safer to utilize. It proves vital when it comes to litigation, especially in the face of the number of bogus claims and thefts that occur each year. More often CCTV surveillance proves to be just the piece of evidence that completes a case: it’s extremely hard to dispute evidence that is caught on video.